Friday, January 15, 2010

in the studio with raissa, part 2

yesterday was another lovely day in the studio with raissa. she continued making samples while i filled mail orders. (my little babies necklace was featured on cool mom picks the other day and i've gotten lots of orders.) after taking the orders to the post office we made some lunch and then got back to work. i was then able to carve out some time to start my first experiment - embroidery on paper. i picked a shape i've been drawing a lot lately and stitched it on butcher paper. i like the results. raissa is building her collections by adding some new styles. she began by laying everything out just to see the groups together in full. we discussed what each series needs - smaller earrings here, french wires there, and some sequins, too, for example. she has a goal to grow this aspect of her work this year so she has an eye on strengthening her lines and wanted to spend time focusing on them while she was here.

thanks for reading.

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