Monday, January 18, 2010

in the studio with raissa, part 3

my view of raissa working.

written on friday, but not posted...

today we got into the studio a little bit earlier because we have to leave for the opening of fourteen hands, three years shortly. (lenoir, nc is about a hour and a half away.) i had a few little things to deal with first, like making my maps for the show, but was able to get to work pretty quickly afterward. i considered some different experiments, but have a tendency to feel overwhelmed by choices. as soon as i felt that twinge, i decided to stick with what i know - more paper embroidery. this time i cut out shapes and stitched two different collages. as raissa and i talked about them i remembered how much i enjoyed making collages as a teen using magazine pictures. raissa continued with her production samples and went back and forth between groups. (she has three different series - twisted wire, punched/chased shapes, and beaded/sequined shapes) she has already added several new styles that she likes a lot and she also has a few in progress. these still need a bit of work before she feels really good about them. tomorrow...

raissa's view of me working.

sample 3

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