Monday, July 20, 2009

show installation

yesterday i helped kathryn gremley install "delicate beauty," an upcoming group exhibition at the penland gallery. one of my jobs before i was a full time jeweler was as a jewelry merchandiser and years before that i worked as a gallery assistant. it was really fun for me to do something different and great to use my experience in these areas again. when i arrived kathryn was off to a good start with the case layout and a few dress forms which she had created tissue paper garments for. we decided to play off the paper and use more for the props inside the display cases. then we grouped the artists' work together in complementary pairings and put the work in the cases. it was a fun challenge to figure out what jewelry should go together and i really enjoyed working with kathryn. i plan to swing by later to see her progress. the show opens this friday, july 24 from 7-8:30.

participating artists:

yuyen chang, sarah loertscher, bob ebendorf, douglas harling, jana brevik, lola brooks, mary chuduk, jeong ju lee, paige davis, rob jackson, pat flynn, judith hoyt,
sayumi youkuchi, charity hall, angela bubash, sarah warner, c. james meyer, susin chin, april franklin, joanna gollberg, raissa bump, marcia macdonald, aran galligan, stacey lane, lisa colby,
deb karash, mary mcbride, matt willig, mary ann sherr, david butler, mary kanda, tom mccarthy, amy tavern

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