Tuesday, July 14, 2009

new work week

i made a lot of new things lately so i thought i would make this week "new work week." i will post photos of my new pieces each day. i wanted to start yesterday but got caught up in making something new and didn't take any time for anything else.

i just turned these two pieces (necklace and earrings) into the penland gallery for the upcoming "delicate beauty" exhibition. it opens next friday, july 24. for this show, i decided to make my pieces using some 18k yellow gold i had stored away in a plastic bag. it's been in there for 3 years and i thought i should just use it. i melted it down, poured ingots, and milled them out into nearly 9 feet of 18 gauge wire. then i challenged myself to use as much of it as i could. i ended up using all but 8 inches.
i struggled with these pieces, which is pretty much the norm these days. i left the studio late last night feeling disappointed. then this morning i took a chance and added the sterling pieces. the necklace just needed something more and i think these add the right extra element. the earrings followed...
in the end i am happy with the work. i think they fit the theme of the show and i loved working with the gold. they do feel a little foreign to me, though, and i'm not quite sure why. i guess because of the material and the overall look. the gold makes them feel "fancy" to me and i don't usually associate that word with my jewelry.

thanks for reading.