Thursday, July 2, 2009

radical jewelry makeover part 2

i made two pieces for the radical jewelry makeover exhibition and sale between monday and tuesday. i enjoyed being in the metals studio working alongside the RJM students and loved the challenge of creating new work from old jewelry. i would have liked to spend more time in there and to make more pieces but i just couldn't because i had to tend to my own studio.
last night i helped susie ganch and christina miller, the RJM instructors, price all the work. i was impressed with the pieces they made and how many they were able to crank out in less than two weeks. when i left at 11:30 the class was busy installing the show. i am looking forward to the show today and plan to be there early to choose the piece i will take home. i donated some old jewelry so i have a coupon to redeem.

the exhibition and sale is today from 10am-7:15pm in the printmaking studio at the penland school of crafts.

thanks for reading.

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Nina Dinoff said...

i am now the proud owner of that gold necklace!