Friday, July 24, 2009

exhibitions and openings

tonight is the opening reception for delicate beauty at the penland gallery from 7-8:30. i am really excite to attend - it's a beautiful show.

the stimulus project at sienna gallery is now online. you can see all 80 artists' work including mine at the sienna gallery website.

thanks to arthur hash for the great picture of my work in one of the tool chest displays. you can see more images of the show here.

thanks for reading.

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Unknown said...

Hi Amy, I hope you had a rad time at the opening! It was so fun to see you again and I really appreciated hanging out on your fabulous couch and talking chatelaines, Clint Eastwood &c. Liza and Willie and Eve say rerro; I even got a three-day gig at the boutique where Eve has been selling her jewelry. I do hope I'll get an opportunity to kick it at Penland again next summer, and I can't wait to see how your metal + embroidery work progresses.

<3 Erika