Monday, March 16, 2009

what i've been up to

i've been back from acc for two weeks and since my return i've been busy catching-up in my office. first i had to do some tedious tax related stuff including a physical inventory of my materials and finished work. it was a struggle for me to get it done. in addition i had to sort through various invoices and payments which made me realize i'm not as organized as i thought i was. in response i recalled all my inventory that's on consignment in an effort to clean the slate. i will then send each shop a fresh batch of work including many of the new 2009 pieces. i'm kind of excited about doing this. i like a clean-sweep. later i wrote thank you's to the people involved with the searchlight show and the residency program here at penland. i think giving thanks in an official way like this is really important and it certainly makes me feel good. most recently, i started prepping and updating my website with the new work and a few new features. all this will go live on friday. (and don't forget, there's free shipping starting friday for a month!)

in between computer sessions i was cleaning my studio and trying to rid its windows of beetles that i like to refer to as "ladybug posers." they look like ladybugs but with more spots and are orange, not red. my windows were crawling with them - hundreds and hundreds. just listening to the clicking of their wings on the glass as they flew around was driving me crazy...and if that's not enough, they are stinky and they bite.
this week i hope to reunite with my bench. i have some work on my plate already and it seems to be piling up which is exciting and is also making me hopeful. i have several shows over the next 6 months and i am super psyched about all the new work i am going to make. finally!

thanks for reading.


Janice said...

Oh my gosh thats a lot of beetles!!!!

Elisa Shere said...

I feel your beetle pain. We live in a country house and it has been invaded with these harmless, but abundant red/black beetle type things. Here's to winning the battle!