Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 6 and a Fifth Glimpse

Welcome to week 6 and your fifth glimpse, the masking process. Originally I planned to spray paint the entire necklace with light blue paint, but after seeing how the piece reflects light I knew I couldn't cover-up all that shine. Instead I decided to play on the light effects and only paint a few pieces. Masking was made very tricky then and I began by very carefully masking each cube. This got old fast and I ended up just piling on the tape. (Please visit my Flickr set to see details of all that tape!) When I was done I placed the piece on cardboard and taped down a few exposed spots. Now it's ready to paint!

If you are still thinking about donating to my USA project, you still can! I have two weeks left to raise funds and I could definitely use extra funding beyond my $6,000 goal to offset the cost of professional photography. Please consider it! And THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

all of your work is so neat! i love the idea of spray paint too. my question seems like you don't prime the silver. is that right? and if that's the case, do you "seal" the pieces somehow? how do you ensure that your cool, interesting, and artistic scratch marks are the only marks on the piece?? i would LOVE to wear one of these pieces, but would be worried that i'd ruin it. thanks again for sharing all of the wonderful pictures!

Amy Tavern said...

I don't prime the sterling in an official sense. I do prepare the surface before painting by scratching it the with heavy grit sandpaper or by sandblasting. Then I spray this pitted surface with an even layer of white paint, which acts as primer.

I do not seal the pieces because I have not yet found a clear coat that won't destroy the colors and scratched effects.

In my opinion any additional scratching that may occur only adds to the graffiti-esque, aged look I am trying to capture.

Thanks for the great comment!