Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 3 and a Second Glimpse

Last week I began to reveal images of the first piece for my solo show. After creating a scale paper model I began working with a 12" x 6" sheet of 26 gauge sterling silver. I cut the sheet into strips and then began scoring them by filing a groove into the metal. Once I had three grooves I used my saw to make smaller pieces and folded these at the grooves using pliers. I also did a lot of filing and sanding to create subtly rounded corners and soft edges. I made about 76 total pieces, soldering each bent groove for stability. I have posted lots more images on Flickr as well as to my USA Projects "Works-in-Progress" showcase. Please visit either to see more of my process.

It has been an exciting two weeks! I am now 94% funded and less than $400 away from reaching my goal. This is all so unexpected. I did not even imagine that the response from all of you would be so incredible. I have received donations from family and friends, colleagues, artists working in a variety of media, gallery owners, clients, collectors, former students, and my Penland friends. Thank you! Each donation means so much to me!

Please help me to reach my goal this week! Here's a link to the project...

Thanks for reading.

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