Wednesday, July 23, 2008

progress report

things are coming along nicely for the bmac show. i got my banner yesterday and i love it! the color is just right! my new post cards arrived last week and they look great, too. i just sent a big stack out to possible buyer attendees.

my samples are done and stored by collection in these great plastic organizers. it doesn't look like much but there are 128 different pieces in there! i even timed myself as i made each. i did not enjoy this very much, but it was interesting to see just how long things take.
i finally committed to the look of my booth after shopping around and scouring my collection of design magazines and catalogs. i have big plans for those hand-me-down/on loan display pieces. i'm going with what i know and plan to create a space that looks a lot like my home (minus the 3 x 9 foot banner, of course). you'll see...i start renovations tomorrow.

one of the things i am most excited about are my billy buttons...beautiful yellow flowers that i have been crazy about for awhile now. i spent an hour surfing the other night when i decided i had to have them for a booth decoration. i finally found a farm in oregon that has them in stock and ready to ship. check out hammelman's for more gorgeous dried botanicals.

the schedule i mentioned the other day has really helped me to stay on top of things and to remain calm. every evening i review what i've done and what's coming up the next day. then i revise accordingly. it is a lot of work and it may not pay off, but i have to try, no?

thanks for reading.

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Valerie A. Heck said...

The banner looks great and I love the billy buttons! I'll see you soon at the show!
Valerie Heck