Friday, July 25, 2008

guest star friday no. 19...antonella giomarelli

today's guest star is antonella giomarelli. antonella uses discarded everyday objects to create her jewelry. these rather plain and seemingly uninteresting items, like string and plastic packaging straps, are given new meaning when made into jewelry. the materials are elevated beyond their original intent and are transformed into rather beautiful jewelry. in addition, the strict black and white pallet makes the work look even more sophisticated and elegant.

from top: string bracelets, string and jet brooch, string and jet rings, strap bracelets

thanks for reading.


antonella giomarelli said...

Hi Amy
thanks for featuring my work on your site. Just wondered where you had seen it.
Love the freedom and simplicity of your collection on Klimt02.
best wishes

amy tavern said...

oh! i just noticed your comment! so glad you liked the post. i found you on

thanks for the kind words, too!