Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i created a facebook business profile page recently. you'll find images of my work, my blog posts, and event listings. the fun part is that you can become my "fan" by clicking "become a fan." you'll find the page under ".amy tavern metalsmith/jewelry designer."
also, i recently added new photos to my website of my plastic egg jewelry, including the plastic egg earrings, necklace, and egg and bean charm necklace. the plastic egg necklace is now available in a large size in addition to the original small size. there are new colors as well - gray, translucent red, translucent white, and a more vibrant turquoise. the images are no longer shown with white eggs, now they are turquoise. i am very pleased with the new look. they are just lovely and really pop from the page.
thanks for reading.

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Michael Kline said...

Hi Amy, It's really great to see your work. I don't always see my Penland friends' work! I've enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your website. See you around.