Tuesday, July 1, 2008

jewelry of the month is here!

it's july 1 and jewelry of the month begins today! the first pieces in my jewelry of the month collection, available exclusively at my website, are a series of five necklaces in sterling silver and cotton embroidery floss. the shapes and colors are inspired by my recent trip to greece and the rich, varied colors of the aegean sea. only one of each piece pictured has been made. each will remain available until sold or july 31, whichever is first.

the colors from left are: crete, santorini, mykonos, delos, naxos

each necklace is $75 and comes with a numbered and signed card.

jewelry of the month is a way for me to realize designs that don’t fit into my regular collections or studio jewelry. these pieces are an opportunity to take ideas from sketchbook to workbench and share them with you.

each edition will be limited to less than 10 and will come with a numbered and signed card. each item will sell for under $120. i plan to use unusual materials like vintage wallpaper, new techniques like sewing, and i will collaborate with friends who work in other media like glass and clay.

if you would like advance notice, please send me an email to sign up for my jewelry of the month mailing list.

thanks for reading.

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