Thursday, July 17, 2008

more BMAC

this week and last, i've been busy preparing for the BMAC show. i mentioned my schedule a few days ago... i'm doing a fairly good job at sticking to it. a friend and fellow craftsperson, krista, reminded me about unforeseen happenings and how something always seems to pop-up unexpectedly. she's completely right! so, to combat this problem i have "padded" my schedule with extra time (what, extra?!) to accommodate for various hijinks.

next week i get to make my display pieces, the fun part. i haven't committed to anything yet, but i do have a list of ideas. my studiomate, friend, and fellow BMAC vendor, joanna gollberg, gave me some of her old stuff. i see lots of potential!
what i have committed to are new postcards, posters, and a banner. the postcards and banner were designed by brandon dawley.
thanks for reading.

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