Tuesday, April 22, 2008

item of the week

i really enjoyed revisiting an older design last week with the ratio times one necklace so i decided to feature another older design this week, my wire line earrings. while i was in school i made lots of necklaces and rings, but very few earrings. i was more interested in these other forms of adornment and didn't even wear earrings that much, actually never. then one day while i was designing my original collection (now my signature line). i was sitting in my studio and the wire line earring just sort of came to me out of the blue. i thought threading a length of wire through the ear instead of attaching it to the lobe with a post or hook could be very interesting and even strange. i made a pair that were very long - they brushed my shoulders. i started wearing them to my day job and got lots of compliments and comments. i was on to something... making these earrings and the positive response i got caused me to think more about earrings and the ear as a place to adorn. since i still wasn't wearing earrings that often, it all seemed odd to me, but my mind was changing. i made the wire line earrings shorter and forged them just a little to add strength and pretty hammer marks. then i made them even shorter so i could have two sizes to offer my clients. these earrings were the gateway to more earring designs and shortly after i added different styles to my line.

now i love making and wearing earrings. i rarely leave home without a pair on.

please enjoy 10% off my wire line earrings for a week, april 22-28. (originally $46 for the medium length, $41.40 on sale and $40 for the small length, $36 on sale.)

thanks for reading.

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