Friday, April 25, 2008

guest star friday no. 12...katerina ioannidis

i am so excited to say i found another greek jeweler - katerina ioannidis. as i wrote last week, i am going to greece in may and i've been trying to learn about contemporary greek jewelry. katerina makes really beautiful, well-crafted pieces. she combines the materials and techniques of traditional goldsmithing with faceted stones, pearls, and fibers, like thread and ribbons. the resulting jewelry is refined with an interesting mix of rich color and texture. katerina is from thessaloniki, greece's second largest city. she is also a printmaker.

by the way, the music that accompanies her website is excellent.

thanks for reading.


erika said...

I just love Katerina's jewelry. I am not a jewelry artist, but saw her stuff in Santorini this past summer while on vacation. My question to you is if you have come across any other contemporary Greek jewelry designers? I would like to possibly start making jewelry and would look to a lot of Greek jewelry I saw for inspiration. The trouble is it is hard to Google such things as I come across more of the traditional old Greek jewelry. I am looking for a few names of some of the contemporary Greek artists out there. Greece is such a wonderful place and I wish I had paid more attention to the names of some of the artists. Thanks for your blog about Katerina Ioannidis. She really is a crafts(wo)man. : )

amy tavern said...

hi erika - here are a few greek jewelers that i love -

poly nikolopoulou
maria militsi
joanna cave
rallou katsari
loukia richards

i loved santorini! what an amzing place!