Tuesday, April 8, 2008

new blog feature - item of the week

in an effort to think and write about my work a little more, i decided to start a new weekly blog feature, "item of the week." each week i will highlight something from my shop and write about how i make it, what inspired it, and so on. this is just another little exercise for myself to better understand what i do and to then pass it on to all of you. this week's "item of the week" is my new layered necklace style D in sterling silver. this necklace is composed of 7 wire circles in different sizes that i have hammered flat and soldered together into 2 separate pieces, one with 3 circles, the other with 4. i then connect these pieces one on top of the other with jump rings to create a layered pattern of lines and shapes. the design of this necklace, like all the pieces in the layered collection, is not only about the many lines, but the spaces in between them, too. i started making the layered series a few years ago in response to my interest in lace and to challenge myself to push my use of the circle.

p.s. i also just decided to put this necklace on sale for a week to mark my new item of the week blog feature. please enjoy 10% off the layered necklace style D at my website from april 8-april 15.

thanks for reading.

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