Saturday, April 5, 2008

visiting artist

next week i will be a visiting artist at the penland school of crafts, one of my favorite places ever. i will be teaching in the metals class as a guest of the instructor, robert dancik. i just met robert a few weeks ago when the spring concentration began. he makes great jewelry and sculpture using an incredibly imaginative mix of materials. i am so excited for this opportunity! i enjoy teaching, interacting with other artists, spending time at penland...i am feeling pretty honored.

in other penland news....last weekend i went to an iron pour demo. i've done some casting in sterling silver so i am familiar with the casting process, but this was very different, basically due to the (much!) larger scale and intense heat (2800 degrees). what fascinated me most was how thin and "liquidy" (for lack of a better word) the iron was. i thought it would be thicker, move slower, be more like lava, i guess. it poured like water. the iron class, led by instructor leeann mitchell and aided by several volunteers, poured mold after mold. it was an awesome team event. they were all dressed up in suede pants and jackets, big gloves, and plastic face masks. it was exciting to watch!this photo was taken by robin dryer. see more pictures taken by robin at the penland school here.

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