Friday, April 11, 2008

guest star friday no. 10...gemma draper

gemma draper is a studio jeweler from spain. her work is composed of abstract forms that are grouped and layered together. she uses a variety of materials like silver, pearls, horn, painted wood, and thread, and mixes their contrasting qualities to create complimentary associations. some pieces are carved into organic shapes while others are faceted with geometric planes. her colors and textures are soft and subtle. although her pieces are contemporary in design, i do see a quiet reference to victorian or antique jewelry. i am drawn to gemma's work because of its subtleness and its contrasts. i love the light and airy feel the pieces have, created mostly by manipulating materials that are dense in nature. her use of simple, abstract shapes and the combinations she chooses are truly wonderful.
you can see more of gemma's work here and here.

thanks for reading.

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