Monday, October 6, 2014

Now I am Here, #1

I began my residency at California College of the Arts today. I set up my space, got a feel for the studio and gave presentations to students in two different classes. I began critiquing student work with the senior BFA candidates and I took a short walk around campus. Everyone has been so welcoming and they seem really happy to have me here. When I stepped into my studio space, I was greeted by a welcome sign, snacks, bottles of coconut water and an orchid.

Because I imagine the next few weeks to be intense, I'm going to try something new on the blog: I will post a picture every day, a process photo, an image of something that is inspiring the work, a picture of the school… I won't be writing much, but will share a moment with you each day as I work. Then in November when I'm back in New York, I'll go into greater detail.

For now, just to refresh your memory, I will be in residence at CCA for the next three weeks. I will be creating an installation while I'm here and it will go inside an elevator at Velvet da Vinci. I will also be critiquing student work and sitting in on classes at school. My installation at Velvet will open Saturday, October 25. In addition, I will give a presentation at Velvet on Saturday, October 18th about "I Live Here Now." Both the installation and selections from "I Live Here Now" will be on view at the gallery until October 31.

Thanks for reading.

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could see the installation. My rich uncle didn't leave me the money, so maybe another day.
Roxy Lentz