Friday, October 3, 2014

Guest Star Friday #141… Tord Boontje

A few years ago my brother gave me a Tord Boontje book. It sat on a table in my studio for a few weeks before I even opened it. It was so beautiful with its textured cover, rich photographs and pages of perforated drawings of birds and leaves. I was scared to open it up, just looking at it overwhelmed me, but when I did, I was so happy. The work of Tord Boontje is a balance of natural aesthetics and modern design, while blending tradition with the contemporary. It's intricate and lush, incorporating imagery like deer and trees in repeated patterns and layered forms. It also has an uncomplicated way about it with clean lines and simple design. There are stark pieces like the raw furniture collection "Rough and Ready" and there are more ornate pieces like "Table Stories" and "Ice Branch." What I am most interested in are the environments he creates by placing objects in spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes a singular curtain hangs among trees, appearing to float in the air just as the leaves on the surrounding trees do. Then in other photographs, objects are shown en masse or collaged together establishing an unique environment. In both cases a new space is created with an attached story and feeling.

Ice Branch

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