Thursday, August 7, 2014

Remembering Older Work

Breaking Apart, plastic, sterling silver, 2002

Last night I spent a few hours on the internet searching for sculptural jewelry for a PowerPoint I will show in my upcoming class at Penland. As I flitted around Pinterest looking for bracelets, I came across one I made in 2002. I haven't thought about this piece, or the series it was a part of, for a long time and it was interesting to be reminded. I started thinking about what it was and what it wasn't, where my ideas came from and how I'm still working with some of the same stuff that inspired me then. I also thought about what I would change now or keep the same. I thought about how I fabricated each piece and I remembered struggling with some of the techniques. At that time I was interested in minimalism, space, Japanese pop art and Scandinavian design. My pieces were formal and more about design than concept. I like some of these older pieces a lot, and others I cringe at. The beginning is an interesting place to reflect on.

See more older pieces here.

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