Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Going Up

I found a space for the installation I will create while I'm a resident at CCA: an elevator at Velvet da Vinci. An elevator! When I was trying to find a place for the installation in the Bay Area a few weeks ago, I contacted friends and colleagues for ideas including Mike at Velvet. I wasn't thinking about Velvet for this piece, however, just looking for recommendations. When Mike replied, he suggested the elevator that leads from the main gallery to the upstairs offices. I was curious from the start and the idea just made sense the more I thought about it. Now, in addition to things like accumulation and emotion, I'm thinking about movement and transition, confined spaces and limitation, and solitude. The elevator in general is loaded with meaning and symbolism and this particular one has beautiful natural light streaming from a skylight, its surfaces are well-worn, and it's located in a place I know and love. 

The installation will open on Saturday, October 25 and will be on view for a week. 

Thanks for reading.

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