Friday, May 23, 2014

RVK Art: From Another Country

In addition to all the great Icelandic art and design, I have also been to a number of exhibitions featuring the work of artists from other places… The image above was taken at an exhibition about an island called Själö where people with mental illness were sent. The exhibition was rather dark and sad, but beautiful. I especially like this piece, a film projected on the wall and then reflected below on black acrylic.

Ignacio uses office supplies to make his work…this piece was made using simple paper and 128 different typewriters

 a collection of water samples from each glacier in Iceland

Lost and Found was an exhibition/performance including a variety of works like film, music, photography, and performance art. Most of the pieces were projected on a giant screen in front of the audience… it was a wonderful mix of pieces, each unique and well-done. 

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