Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Showed a Video

my video at the exhibition

The Sím April residents had a group show last week and I showed a video. Along with all those thousands of photos I'm taking all the time, I also make videos, usually of light reflecting on water. I use my simple digital camera and available light. I do not use a tripod and try to be very still, holding the camera in a way that creates and captures this unusual purple streaking that can be challenging to get. The two-minute pieces are silent and appear black and white with just hints of color here and there. I play them on a loop as I try to transform the different elements into something else, almost like water, light and movement are individual materials in themselves. I've been collecting these videos for a few years now and have amassed a collection that I am just now beginning to work with.

The video I showed during the exhibition was made at Skógafoss waterfall in south Iceland. It looked beautiful projected on a wall and it was great to see it like that after only ever watching any of my videos on my laptop. I've started a Vimeo page and will add more videos over time.

at the opening

The rest of the work at the show included a mix of paintings, photographs and mixed-media works. All the residents worked together to hang the show and everyone agreed the pieces were complementary and created a collectively strong show. I want to say thanks to my fellow April residents. It was a really great month!

Annalisa Fulvi (Italy) -

Robert Clark (England)

Yasmine Louis (Canda) -
Peter Pendergrass (US) -
Mar Cuervo (Spain) -
Kobie Nel (South Africa) -
Keeley Haftner (Canada) -
Breda Lynch (Ireland)

getting ready to install the work

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