Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Necklace No. 6 in Print

  from top right, clockwise: 

Necklace No. 6 from Collected Memories: 1974-Present is part of an article by Michael Dale Bernard in the current Metalsmith magazine. "Material Complexity" describes the use of non-precious, mixed materials in contemporary jewelry and eloquently explains why artists, like myself, are using them. It's a beautiful piece and includes a strong group of artists. 

Michael asked each of us to write a short statement about our work. The following is my statement:

"This necklace is part of the series "Collected Memories: 1974 to Present." By using many different materials collected since childhood, I was able to intertwine events and people from my past that weren't connected until the moment each piece was made. Using my memory as a guide, the pieces were also assembled in such a way as to emphasize the impermanence and incompleteness of memory."

I am very pleased to be in Metalsmith again--it's always exciting to get some good press, especially in the magazine of my field. Then to have been chosen by such a strong maker in Michael and to be amongst such talented artists, makes it even more special. I've listed each person under their photo and included links to their websites. I strongly encourage you to visit each site and Michael's, as well. 

 from top left, clockwise: Laura Wood, Kat Cole, Rachel Timmons

 from top left, clockwise: 

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