Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Live Here Now, Part 7

I'm nearly done with the work…I finished the metalwork last night and today have a few details to execute involving some of the objects that complement the pieces. But, for most of the day, I will be sitting with the work, something I've been doing since my first solo show in 2011. I like having some time to just be with the work, to lay it out in front of me and look at it, think about it, sit with it. This "sitting" I do is a chance to see the completed body of work altogether before I ship it to my photographer or pack it up for the exhibition. I also do some writing which usually helps me to understand what I've just done. Writing is a great way for me to sort things out and, later, I can use the text in my artist statement. Sitting is also one of the ways I honor the end of the making process.

Tomorrow I will measure and photograph everything and then ship it off to Seattle to be photographed.

Hard to believe this part is almost over...

Thanks for reading.

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