Friday, February 28, 2014

Guest Star #133…Renee Zettle-Sterling

from the series "Objects of Mourning: Untidy"

I'm switching gears for today's GS post by revisiting jewelry with the work of Renee Zettle-Sterling. I've been talking with Renee about my work over the last few weeks, looking to her for insight because I admire her work, but specifically, because of its highly-personal content and Renee's use of sentimental, priceless, irreplaceable clothing. For my new work I have been using irreplaceable things, so speaking with Renee has been very helpful.

"Object of Mourning: Permanence #1"

Renee makes jewelry, objects, sculpture and installation. There is also a performative aspect to many of the works shown through narrative photographs. I'm interested in how she creates with different forms and materials and admire her ability to convey experiences and emotions. The work is labor intensive, too, and I imagine this is an important part of the process, adding even more depth and complexity.

"Object of Mourning: Recall #1"

I met Renee a few years ago at the ECU metals symposium. She was the key note speaker that weekend and I really enjoyed her lecture. She talked about objects expressing "universal content" and I think about that a lot still. The source of much of the content in her work is death and mourning. Her experiences are unique to her, but universal with all of us. I think her pieces serve as a way for her to understand and accept and further serve as a vehicle to communicate and connect with others. Her pieces are sensitive, beautiful and articulate.

a page from my sketchbook, notes taken during her lecture

from the series "Necklaces in Mourning"

from the series "Objects of Mourning: Untidy"

from the series "Mourning Brooches"

You can read this article about her use of death and mourning as inspiration. It's a good introduction to what she does. 

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