Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Farewell, Asheville

It will be strange to not live in the south anymore. I loved living there. It's beautiful, the people are nice, often quite helpful and welcoming, and the history, although dark, is fascinating. The south also has The Penland School of Crafts, which you know I have a long history with.

Asheville was a good place for me to be for awhile. I moved there from Seattle in 2007, but my almost regular visits to Asheville and the south began in 1999 when I started going to Penland. I remember thinking Asheville would be a transitional home and it ended up being exactly that. I lived there for a year and half before I became a Penland resident artist and, later, it was my home-base during all my traveling. I think the amount of time I spent in my apartment was equal to the amount of time I spent away from it. In the last few months I have enjoyed some hikes in the surrounding mountains and some wandering around the city, the company of some absolutely lovely people, and lots of excellent food.

I just added some final images to Flickr and to Facebook of Asheville. 

Thanks for reading.

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