Thursday, October 27, 2011

Somewhere over the Midwest

I have a fascination with aerial views and got lucky with clear skies when I flew to Seattle in early October. (Yesterday's flight to San Francisco was also clear and I saw so many incredible things, but my camera is not working.) I took lots of pictures during that Charlotte to Seattle flight and got a great idea for a new series of brooches which combines my embroideries and privacy envelopes/graph paper. When I look at these landscape images I see the gridded patterns in privacy envelopes and graph paper and shapes reminiscent of my embroideries. I like the mix of opposites here and feel these scenes are the perfect inspiration for new work. You can see the series-in-progress on Flickr.
I also created a new set on Flickr with aerial views and hope to add even more when I return to North Carolina in 10 days.

Thanks for reading.

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sheila gaddie said...


I am currently taking a Basic Design Course. Thanks for sharing your design inspiration for your new collection. I now have a new appreciation for grids and privacy envelopes.

Thanks for writing.

Sheila Gaddie