Monday, October 24, 2011

Open House...Now with Privacy Envelopes

My last open house as a resident at Penland was this past Friday. I spent part of the day rearranging and curating my collections as a way to both honor my studio and process the many thoughts in my mind about leaving. I also hung part of my collection of privacy envelopes on a wall. (I've been collecting them for about two years.) I have a new series in the works that will incorporate embroidery and privacy envelopes with metal. These works-in-progress are hanging next to the envelope collection.
I enjoyed spending time with my objects in this manner and even added some of my work among souvenirs from trips, family heirlooms, and found objects. Arranging is a big part of my process and always inspiring for me to do. When I was done I sat on my sofa and relished my space.

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