Wednesday, October 26, 2011

61 Hours in Seattle

About two weeks ago I flew to Seattle to work with my photographer, Hank Drew, as he took pictures of my solo show jewelry. The shoot took two days and in the evenings I spent time with some dear friends. I also ate at some of my favorite restaurants (Thaiku, Hi-Spot) and got a new tattoo. It was truly a whirlwind adventure!

I am especially happy that I was able to work with Hank. The shoot was a fascinating process to be a part of. Each image has to be just so: the lighting, the position or styling of the work. Plus, there are props to hold things in place and other tricks to make each piece look its absolute best.  As soon as the shoot was over I headed to Fedex and shipped a giant box to the gallery. I was on my way to the airport just a few hours later.
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