Thursday, September 1, 2011

Arrowmont Part 3

Yesterday was a very full day for "It's the Little Things." I started by demonstrating how to make simple earwires, headpins, and clasps followed by drawing down wire, twisting wire, making wire rick-rack, and making jumps rings. I am so impressed with how my students can just roll with the amount of information I am firing at them. They seem so excited! Individually they are all focused on projects of their own in addition to trying everything at least once.
Later in the afternoon we walked to the artists-in-residence studios for their open house. As usual I loved seeing how other artists work. The current residents include Phil Haralam, Lisa Johnson, Chandra DeBuse, and Dustin Farnsworth.
 something interesting on the studio wall of metalsmtih 
Lisa Johnson
Then after dinner a few students piled into my car and we drove through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I worked alongside my students afterward, making paper models for pieces for the upcoming Penland Resident Artist show.
Lots more pics on Flickr.

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kdb said...

hello Amy,
I'm really happy to read more from you again. :)
All of your projects always look very interesting!

Amy Tavern said...

thank you! happy to be back!