Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Arrowmont Part 2

Yesterday I did a variety of demonstrations for my students starting with simple surface textures using files, sandpapers, and other abrasives. In the afternoon I covered roll printing and also gave a multi-part demo on sawing/filing/sanding/piercing/dapping for my beginners. Today we started the morning with hammer textures and chasing followed by patination and rivets in the afternoon. But before I did those demos, I went on a fantastic tram ride with several students and artist-in-residence, Dustin Farnsworth. Throughout the day I met individually with my students and, I must say, this is what really got me excited. I loved talking with each other them about what they are learning and what they would like to accomplish by Friday. This kind of time with my students is absolutely wonderful.
view from the tram

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