Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cover

My work made the cover of the Metalsmith Magazine's Exhibition in Print! I'm feeling many things at this moment and, honestly, I don't know where to begin...I will say the cover is beautiful with its white background and yellow accents. It feels like me. If at some point in the future I feel like I can better express myself here, I will.

This is an incredible honor.

You can see the list of participating artists here.

Thanks for reading.


Sarah said...

that's such amazing news! congratulations!

montserrat lacomba said...

Congratulations Amy! Your beautiful work looks really nice!

Maria Apostolou said...

I though the same when I saw it, this is one of the most gorgeous covers I have ever seen! Huge congratulations!

megan said...

congratulations! it looks beautiful!

Liz Steiner said...

Hot damn! Look at you! Congrats lady!