Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 2 and a First Glimpse

Over the coming weeks I will be posting images of the first piece I started for my solo show. It is based on a light blue rhinestone necklace I played with as a kid. At that time I saw this necklace as the ultimate in opulence and I remember I loved just holding it. I am lucky enough to still have this piece in my possession, but have chosen to not look at it until this new necklace is complete. This image is of the paper model I made when I began working. It is constructed of lots of folded paper cubes. I made this maquette so I could see the actual size of the piece and to determine how much material I needed to make the piece in sterling silver. Please visit Flickr or my USA project Works-In-Progress showcase to see more images.

Before I sign off here, I must say thanks to all of you for supporting my project through donations, spreading the word, and your encouraging emails. Your support really helps to keep me going! Week One was incredible and now Week Two starts at 75% funded! I am in awe! Thank you!

Thanks for reading.

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