Monday, March 21, 2011

500 Silver Jewelry Designs

I have two pieces published in the marvelous new book, 500 Silver Jewelry Designs by Lark Books. The book was juried by Talya Baharal and edited by Marthe Le Van. I have looked at every piece and feel excited and honored to be among such an amazing group of jewelers.

Some of my favorites after the first look include:

500 Silver Jewelry Designs is available for pre-order now and comes out on April 5.

Thanks for reading.


Eileen Moylan said...

Well done! Looking forward to seeing them amongst all the other great pieces in the book.

Designer Silver Jewelry said...

500 Silver Jewelry Designs is, as the title reveals, on of Lark's "500 Series". I don't know about you but these books have helped me through many a design drought.