Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Star #75...Per Suntum

Dive #2, brooch in silver, niello, enamel

While looking at 500 Silver Jewelry Designs I discovered the work of Per Suntum. Per's work caught my attention because of its quiet presence and fascinating surface design. I am so curious how he created the surfaces on these pieces! Each brooch reminds me of a moment on a wall of a building or along the ground. I take lots of pictures of distressed surfaces, peeling paint, and rust that I see in everyday life and Per's pieces are like studies in these textures.

Out on Tuttles Wheel, brooch in silver, 18K gold, isolit

Calm Luna, brooch in silver, fine silver

Kyros, brooch in reconstructed coral, 18K gold

From Many Moons Ago, brooch in fine silver, silver, 18kt gold, pigment
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