Monday, February 2, 2009

happy blogiversary to me

my blog turned one recently and i have to say it's been really fun and a great challenge for me to write my posts over the past year. i remember thinking i would never have a blog, but now i am so glad i do. i've learned a lot about my work and the work of others, why i make jewelry, and why i love it all so much, just from writing about it regularly.

to celebrate and mark the occasion i pulled together a list of my absolute favorite jewelry sites i found over the last 365 days to share with all of you. this list includes 25 of my favorite jewelers, jewelry designers, galleries, blogs, and shopping sites. i like them for a variety of reasons, the work mostly, but also the design and functionality of the site they are:

22 design studio
edith bellod
gallery loupe
erie basin
ela bauer
fingers gallery
anna lorich
rachel weatherall
jane yarborough jewelry
marianne anderson
kathryn bentley jewelry
klaus burgel
tony duquette
iggy & lou lou
barking irons
papa stour
erica weiner
jacqueline ryan
nutre arayavanish
caroline gore
katy hackney
lina peterson
christine kaltoft
aesthetic outburst

i also want to mention something new i will begin with my sophomore effort this year and that's to write about a favorite artist each month who is not a jeweler. i don't think i'll have a set time for this new feature. i'll just choose someone and write when i'm ready.

thanks for reading over the past year.

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