Tuesday, February 24, 2009

acc seachlight jeweler spotlight

i will be leaving for the acc searchlight show in baltimore tomorrow. i thought i would share some images and info about the other metalsmith/jewelers who will also be at the show. i am eager to meet them and see their work in person. we all have different styles, use varying materials, and i think we will complement each other nicely.

jennaca davies works with enamels, paper, and tyvek (see rings above), layering form and playing with pattern and shadow.

stacey lee webber manipulates coins, meticulously cutting out silhouette imagery to cast money in a whole new light.
maya kini uses different metals, enamel, and other more delicate materials to create beautiful studies of mundane objects, elevating them to the precious, like this bronze balloon and 22K gold funnel.

i will try to blog while i am at the might also like to visit green jeans blog. amy shaw, the owner of green jeans in brooklyn, created the space/display for searchlight this year.

thanks for reading.

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Stacey Lane said...

Hope you have a great show and a wonderfully fun time!!