Friday, February 20, 2009

buyers market, the brighter side

now, on to the brighter side of the buyers market (because there is only so long i can dwell on the negative)...yes, the show was terrible, but it is what it is. i learned some things and got some great experience. and, it just means i will work harder and be more creative over the coming months and years. these kinds of tough experiences can be good for that. what really made the show was my time with the other artists. i met some great people and got to talk with others whom i've met before. it was fun to see everyone, catch-up, commiserate, talk shop, get dinner, and so on. here's a list and a little shout-out to many of the great people i'm talking about:
jane d'arensbourg
erica stankwytch bailey
amber mahler/mani designs
grant searcey/searcey designs
sarah graham
todd reed
devienna anggraini/DAmetals
amy bruml/bruml designs
kathy frey
rhonda & elijah wyman/figs and ginger
deborah bushinski/tessoro
liz mathews
alisa miller
ali dryer/pistol designs
nora dougherty
frances smersh/smersh design jewelry
danielle miller
krista gorrell/slim pik'en design

they all provided excellent conversation, sparkling humor, great advice, pep talks...and they all design and make some fantastic work. i hope you will take some time to visit their websites.

thanks for reading.

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