Monday, June 29, 2015

This is What I Found Here

Gothenburg and Southern Archipelago, Sweden, 2014

I am without a studio at the moment, a challenging place to be. The studio is an important place for artists, obviously, and I am feeling its absence. In addition to my Pearl Piece (which you can still contribute to!), I'm looking for other ways to create beyond making objects, things I can work on anywhere. This week I will share these with you starting today with my collecting and arranging project titled This is What I Found Here. This series is a play on my first solo show in 2011, This is How I Remember It. The basic concept for that show centered on using my memories of important jewelry to create new work that was carefully arranged for the exhibition. For this new project, I have arranged different objects I collected according to where and when I found them. This documentation is a great way for me to explore composition and negative space, shape and line, and color and texture. Working intuitively, the process allows me to think spatially and arrange objects in a pleasing way. It's also serves as a method of recording the history of my experiences and memories through objects. This series of photographs is a work in progress. These pictures were taken at different times and the lighting is different from image to image. I am still playing around with editing each photo and would like to add to the series over time.

You can see all the images taken so far on Flickr. 

Blönduós, Iceland, 2015

Richfield Springs, New York, 2014

Allendale, Michigan, 2014

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