Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Final Days, Part 2

It's been unseasonably cold here the last few days but today I've got the door to my studio wide open. It's pleasant to hear the birds and various street sounds as I work at my bench rather frenetically. I find I'm working simultaneously too fast and too slow. I'm easily distracted amidst lengths of focus and find myself flitting from one thing to another. I'm getting things done, but it's a little chaotic. I just have a lot on my mind... finishing my work, packing, moving boxes into my storage unit, saying goodbye to a few friends, spending time with my mom...

Moments ago I finished the last spray painted pieces, most of which turned out beautifully. A few have to be scrapped, though. The paint wrinkled in the heat of the patina bath, something that happens occasionally and seemingly at random. Later today, I'll shift to my final custom pieces: a gold bracelet and a set of stacking rings.

It's a hustle, and I knew it would be.

Thanks for reading.

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