Tuesday, December 18, 2012

History Repeats

My Anchor

Since the day after Thanksgiving and the start of my Etsy Holiday Sale, I've been introducing new pieces focusing on the teardrop and bow and brass. Then more recently, I added the rose and anchor. I realized today what has developed is a lovely collection using my current favorite shapes and symbols and fueled by my interests in memory, sentiment, historical jewelry, traditional tattoos, and signs of age. As I drove in my car yesterday, I finally came up with a title, too, "History Repeats." This seems appropriate because the work is about history/memory as I revisit ideas and interests from my recent past.

Rose Bouquet

When I launched my sale a few weeks ago I had lots of drawings and ideas for this new collection. Some of these made it into actual pieces while others never made it past the paper maquettes. At one point I wasn't even into it anymore, but now I really like what's happening. There are 16 pieces so far...

Since reentering the "real world" post-Penland and Belgium, I have returned my focus to production jewelry and will continue to do so in the coming months as get my feet back on the ground and before I return to Europe in the spring. I am happy for the break from one-of-a-kind and look forward to making more pieces like the ones I've been introducing lately--something is going on here and I'm curious to see what  happens next. I hope you like them, too.


I'll be taking a break from the studio starting today to spend some long-overdue time with my family in Upstate NY. I'll be back in early January working away in my studio at 7 Ton Letterpress Collective in Asheville alongside three of the sweetest letterpress printmakers I know. Until then thanks for making my Etsy Holiday Sale a huge success and for your constant support and kind words. You are good to me.

Thanks for reading.

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