Tuesday, September 7, 2010

teaching part 5

textured bangles (hammered, chased) with riveted clasp
by sarah james

my class ended on saturday. we cleaned the studio and had a class show and tell together, followed by a school show and tell with all the students. i am very excited about the pieces my class made and how hard they worked. like i said a few days go, i gave them a lot of information over those 5 days and they responded with energy, enthusiasm, and hard work. i had a great time teaching them and spending time with them. i have posted an image of a piece by each student and added lots more on flickr. teaching a one week class was challenging - it's not a lot of time and i think it's very important to strike a balance between demonstrations and work time, structure and freedom. having such a fantastic group made things a lot easier, though!

mushroom rings (dapped, hammer texture) by alexis dunfee

"C" ring (etched/roll printed) by chris keener

etched minimalist pendant with tab setting by stacey lanning

box necklace with etched/roll printed text & gold details
by lisa shepard (work-in-progress)

roll printed, dapped, and riveted copper pendant by kathleen franza

contemporary sandblasted earrings with burnished edge detail
by pam adan

leaf cuff (roll printed, hammered, oxidized) with keum bo detail
by joann graham

deconstructed plaid brooch by joyce dunfee
(roll printed, work-in-progress)

unfortunately, i was not able to get any pictures of annetta brady's final work because she had to leave early on saturday. annetta made some great pieces with modern, minimal geometric patterns and details.

thanks for reading.

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