Friday, September 10, 2010

studio portrait

august was a busy month and i was not able to keep up with everything here on the begins a series of catch-up posts. if i remember correctly, early in the month a tour visited the barns accompanied by rob bousa of rob and roberston imaging from charlotte, nc. rob has been working on a portrait project of artists in their studios and he took a bunch of pictures of me in action that day. the above image is the one he chose to publish and i like it a lot. i like that you can see my work space, i like the lighting, and i like that it's not fussy in any way, just a good likeness in my favorite place.

check out more of the portrait series, including a picture of my friends, devin burgess (also a penland resident artist) and his assistant, mike krupiarz at work and another of mike rossi in the penland iron studio.

thanks for reading.

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krista said...

what a great pic of you! and you in your studio