Monday, September 13, 2010

new work for sienna gallery

in early august i made three new regal graffiti pieces for sienna gallery. i began by repeating two different designs - the four-teardrop pendant and the large medal-style pendant. i wanted to revisit these designs to see what else i could do as working in series can be a helpful tool. this time i discovered a few things by making "mistakes" - i did more masking of large areas with paper and when i lifted the paper it stuck to a few spots, peeling some paint away. at first i was frustrated but then i quickly realized these spots could create some interesting effects if i layered more paint on top of them. i was delightfully surprised when i started scratching and sanding a few days later. the final surface reminds me of the cracked and repainted ceilings in a former apartment of mine. i also tried creating stripes on another piece by repeating the same sanded mark around the edge of each element.

more detail shots on flickr.

thanks for reading.

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