Monday, September 27, 2010

making a living/making a life

this coming friday i will give a lecture during "making a living/making a life" at eastern carolina university in greenville, nc. jim gallucci (sculptor), mary bruno (printmaker), amy funderburk (painter), xavier jimenez (conceptual photographer), and clark whittington (art-o-mat) will also be speaking. a panel discussion will complement the lectures, followed by an exhibition reception featuring work by all the speakers.

i put the final pictures in my powerpoint over the weekend and started practicing. i'm looking forward to talking again (it gets a bit easier every time!) and hearing what the other artists have to say. plus, i finally have a chance to visit the ecu metals program and spend some time with my friends there.

thanks for reading.


Liz Steiner said...

Looking forward to finally meeting you in person on Friday!

Amy Tavern said...

right back at ya!