Thursday, September 9, 2010

my writing, published

late last spring i submitted my work for possible inclusion in a new journal of art, literature, and culture called trachodon. i thought maybe i could get a few images published along with my artist statement or maybe an interview. surprisingly, the editors asked me to write an article about my work and, although the task seemed incredibly daunting, i knew it would be a great opportunity so i said yes. i also knew i would be in good hands with the editor, john carr walker, and associate editor, katey schultz. i started writing the article in april and went through the editing process with john over several weeks. i would send a draft to john and he would read it and comment, asking me questions and making suggestions to draw things out of me. slowly but surely we got to a place in the piece where it felt complete and we were both pleased. the article is about what happened to me and my work over the winter. it is accompanied by several images from my borderlines series and my artist statement. it was a tremendous challenge to write about my experience in this manner and wonderful to get it all down and sort it out.

the first issue (which includes my article "part of the process") just came out a few days ago - if you would like to learn more about trachodon or get a subscription, please visit the trachodon website or find them on facebook.

thanks to katey for asking me to write for the magazine and for being so supportive and a special thanks to john for being such a great editor.

thanks for reading.

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