Thursday, January 1, 2009

january jewelry of the month

happy new year!

january’s jewelry of the month has been in the works for a long time. when i started planning jewelry of the month nearly a year ago one of the first thoughts i had was to use wallpaper in some way. i went on a hunt for vintage wallpaper in early 2008 and had a great time tracking some down. but it wasn’t until recently that i was truly inspired to make a piece of jewelry with it.

i created 7 different necklaces each with a different piece of flocked wallpaper. the teardrop shaped swatch is set against an oxidized sterling silver back and held in place by tiny tabs. the blue one is pictured here. the other colors are olive green, pink, red, yellow, cream, and gray. the back of each pendant is also unique with a complementary drawing cut with my saw blade. the pendants measure 1.25” wide by 2.25” long and come with an 18” chain.

the necklaces are $98 a piece and each comes with a numbered and signed card.

colors include:
blue (pictured above)
olive with light olive green background
pink with pearly white background
red with metallic gold background
yellow with white background
cream with pearly metallic gold background - SOLD
light gray with metallic bronze background - SOLD

thanks for reading.